A Tennessee abortionist says her Christian faith led her to believe that women should have easy access to abortions without judgment or shame. In a column for Refinery 29, Sarah Wallett explained why she is both abortionist and a Christian. She said her Christian upbringing and her family’s dedication to caring for people in need were what “inspired” her to pursue her line of work.

Women “require and deserve” abortions, Wallett claimed. She described her abortion work as an “integral” part of women’s health care, and said women should not be judged for having them. Wallet said her patients often try to justify their abortions to her or tell her that they feel troubled by their decision. She blamed those feelings on stigma and judgment from society, and said women should not feel like they have to justify their abortions to anyone. She never mentions how that anguish could have anything to do with the fact that an abortion destroys an innocent unborn baby’s life. CONTINUE