It appears that we are reliving Nazi Germany all over again in China! The Chinese government continues it’s crackdown on Christianity and is now forcing seminary it’s students to deny God and put the Communist Party first by living under “absolute obedience” to the state.  Reports of the state-run church being controlled by the government have been witnessed through a video mentioned by a Christian persecution watchdog organization, which tells of students being recorded while singing the Chinese anthem at Zhejiang Theological Seminary’s graduation ceremony.

Excerpt From OneNewsNow:
“It is apparent the seminary has degenerated into absolute obedience to the Communist Party’s so-called Christian pastors’ education base, becoming a Communist Party school dressed in the cloak of Christianity,” China Aid Correspondent Guo Baosheng reported, according to The Christian Post. Baosheng contends that the communist government has infiltrated and taken over the so-called Christian Church in China.