How long do we believe the government is going to continue to allow our children to be homeschooled in America? Do you believe they are going to continue to allow children to avoid government indoctrination and control? Well, a new report coming out of California should wake you up to the reality of what’s going on! A high school district in Northern California has sent a notification to parents telling them that their homeschooled children are not lawfully being educated.

Excerpt From OneNewsNow:
When the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) received word that all of its member families in the San Benito High School District (SBHSD) received a letter from state authorities declaring that they were illegally educating their children, attorneys from the nonprofit group were perplexed. It was HDLDA’s understanding that the right to homeschool had already been firmly established in the state of California, but the letter parents received from the school district located east of scenic Monterrey, California, contradicted what was believed to be resolved years ago.