Imagine having a Bible sitting on your desk for years and one day walking into your own office to find someone has deliberately removed it. This is just the case according to a new report, Officials at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs have removed an open Bible from a major’s desk after complaints from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Base officials also are investigating if allowing the Bible on the desk was a reasonable accommodation of the officer’s religious beliefs or if it violated the separation of church and state, the Colorado Springs Independent reported.

“The basic premise of the Air Force instruction [on religious freedom], grounded in Department of Defense policy, grounded in law is, people have an inherent right to free exercise of religion within boundaries,” Col. Damon Feltman, 310th Space Wing commander, told the Independent. “At the same time, people have freedom to be left alone. It’s finding that right balance. The challenge of the commander is to be sure both people are treated fairly.” CONTINUE