(By Ryan Lestrange) If you are born again, then you belong to God and are destined to be planted in the kingdom of light. You were not created to spend your life in constant struggle. You are a child of the King, empowered to win! It is time to lace up your combat boots, grab the artillery and put the enemy on the run. We are endued with heavenly power to combat the advancements of the enemy and send him packing. Let’s look at six keys to breaking a spiritual attack:

1. Break it with authority. “Look, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. And nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19)

We do not engage the enemy from a place of defeat. A lot of people miss it when they attempt to break an attack. They have a mental vision of despair and defeat. I have seen people try to beg God to break the attack. He has endued us with heavenly authority, and we are to use it.

If an armed robber came into your home in an attempt to steal your most valuable possessions and take things that had special meaning for you, how would you deal with him? Would you politely ask the intruder to leave? Would you beg someone else to enforce the authority to make him leave? Would you be passive about the situation? Most people would rise up with great force and do all that was in their power to make the robber get out of their home and off their property. They would refuse to allow an invader to take things that were precious to them. They would not have to wonder about what they should do. Instinctively a normal person would rise up and fight with great strength.

In the same manner you must embrace a spirit of strength and authority concerning who you are in the spirit. When hell comes to plunder your family, your emotions, your body—or when any type of attack arises—you must meet it with strength. Authority empowers strength. The devil can smell weakness a mile away, like a shark being drawn to blood in the water. You must lift up your voice and command him to take his hands off you! You break the attack with your words. CONTINUE