UPDATE: The Official FB Page of the Assemblies Of God is now stating that this report is false and made an official statement:

CUBA AG CHURCHES NOT CONFISCATED — An inaccurate online news report has raised concerns with the claim that Assemblies of God churches in Cuba are being confiscated. AG leaders in Cuba confirm that AG churches are NOT being confiscated, and local churches continue to advance in effective ministry serving the needy and sharing the love and message of Christ.

ORGINAL REPORT: A new shocking report is coming out today indicating that the U.K.-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide has recorded more than 1,600 religious freedom violations in Cuba in the first six months of this year, highlighting the communist government’s crackdown of churches, especially the beginning of a process which involves confiscation of 1,400 Assemblies of God churches.

The violations include demolition and confiscation of church buildings, destruction of church property, arbitrary detention and other forms of harassment, particularly the confiscation and seizure of personal belongings of religious leaders, according to the report, which adds, “Over 1,000 Protestant churches are still under threat of confiscation and have not had their ‘illegal’ status overturned.” CONTINUE