If you live in Utah and noticed some strange looking green slime rising from sewers around the Bluffdale area, You aren’t alone because according to reports many residents have reported this mysterious green substance and are now concerned after it was spotted bubbling from a storm drain on Thursday.

The Salt Lake County Health Department immediately sent both its emergency response team as well as scientists to test the bright green foam after it was reported in the Bluffdale neighborhood.  Initial reports on the substance indicated that the foam was caused by a toxic algae bloom that currently covers 90 percent of Utah Lake – and has already caused more than 100 people to become sick. This is similar to what recently occurred in Florida promoting a “State of Emergency” in the state.

Officials in the area claim the foam was sourced to the nearby Welby Jacob Canal, which feeds water to local farms. The canal is connected to the Jordan River, which is connected to Utah Lake.  ‘It’s certainly possible that the water in the Welby Canal here does have some of the particular harmful algae that produce toxins in it,’ department official Nicholas Rupp told Fox 13 Now.