A Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Has struck south-east of Norseman at 5.40pm (9.40am UTC) on June 8, 2016. Rumblings were felt in Perth and loud booms around the epicenter after Western Australia’s strongest earthquake in almost 30 years shook the Goldfields during 45 seconds on Friday late afternoon. A M5.5 earthquake hit in the Norseman area, Western Australia, 720 kilometres east of Perth at 5.40pm.

The epicentre, at a depth of approximately 16km, was situated beneath an uninhabited area, in the Dundas Nature Reserve. It is the biggest onshore earthquake recorded in WA since a magnitude 5.7 quake near Derby in 1988. The main quake was followed by two minor tremors: M3.2 and M3.3. READ MORE