Add yet another warning to the long list of recent warnings the West Coast of the United States has received regarding an overdue Mega-Quake that could potentially result in thousands dead and catastrophic damage to the region. The latest warning comes from Nicholas Sitar who is a professor of civil engineering at UC Berkeley, and he likes to joke that “earthquakes don’t come with due dates.” Yet he and other scientists say it’s only a matter of time — maybe even days, but more likely a few years — before a major Earth-shaking catastrophe hits the East Bay.

Excerpt From East Bay Express:
Their words are not scare tactics. The Hayward Fault runs nearly right through the heart of the region, splitting the flatlands from the hills. This 74-mile-long zone has been quiet since 1868, when it generated its last large earthquake. But scientists explained to the Express that the average time frame in which a large tremblor occurs on the Hayward Fault is about 140 years. And that period lapsed in 2008. “Yes, in terms of the statistical average, we are now well past the average period between earthquakes,” is how Sitar put it.