If you live in Russia and you’re looking to plant a “Home-Church” or even have a “Bible Study” in your home you may want to pay very close attention to a new law coming to the Nation as a new report from the region indicates that, A so-called anti-terrorism law passed by the Russian parliament would put severe restrictions on religious freedom by banning religious gatherings in homes and regulating propagation of religion, including on the Internet, according to reports. ┬áBoth houses of the Russian parliament have passed the anti-terrorism legislation package, leading the country’s Christians to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to reject the measure.


The legislation would prohibit the exercise of any missionary activity in residential areas, and also require believers wanting to share their faith with others, even on the Internet, to possess certain documents from a religious association. So the real question here is when will this spread like wildfire and come to the shores of America? No “religious gatherings” in home and kiss “Ministry Websites” goodbye! – FULL REPORT