How many people will freely sign up for anything and everything without even reading the fine print? Well according to a shocking report, Players of Pokemon Go are likely waiving their legal rights if they don’t take a very close look at Niantic Labs’ Terms of Service for the game.

Apparently, unaware, Pokemon Go users are automatically agreeing to waive their rights to any future trial by jury or class action lawsuit unless they opt out of a binding clause in the T&Cs…Now this is pretty disturbing when we put this news with the recent report warning of personal security concerns that have surfaced as a new report indicated that players that have logged into the game using their Google account may have given the app permission to go through all of their Google data, including emails and website history.  Software architect Adam Reeve even said the following regarding this game:

“This is probably just the result of epic carelessness,” expressed software architect Adam Reeve. “But I don’t know anything about [developer] Niantic’s security policies. I don’t know how well they will guard this awesome new power they’ve granted themselves, and frankly, I don’t trust them at all.” The scary thought about all of this is how quick humanity will willfully surrender their freedoms and rights in order to take part of the latest craze or gadget that hits the shelves! Can we not see how all of this is conditioning us to receive a system in the future that will enable us to buy sell and trade according to the book of revelation.