(Reported By Jessilyn Justice) Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Holy Land Experience will host an estate sale to relieve some financial burden after the theme park plunged into financial woes. The announcement comes just months after the death of the property’s CEO Jan Crouch. “We have had to do some belt-tightening as well, which gives rise to the auctions and the closing of unprofitable gift stores,” John Casoria, an attorney for the network, told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Holy Land Experience will host an estate sale beginning June 21 to auction off items including a throne, a Harley Davidson motorcycle and statues of nativity figurines like camels and wise men. The estate sale is not the Experience’s first brush with financial struggles, though. Founder Marv Rosenthal sold the property to the Crouches in 2007 when it was estimated to be more than $2 million in debt. CONTINUE