A story out of Europe is a remarkable example of how one man can be a city set upon a Hill and be a burning lamp in the midst of darkness where Christianity is fading away! In Europe Christianity is dying quickly and Churches are closing as growing numbers of Europeans are abanding their faith. But thanks to the efforts of one man, Christianity is not only alive but thriving in the nation of Georgia.

Excerpt From CBN News:
On any given Sunday morning, you’ll find most churches in Georgia packed with the faithful. And one of the first things a visitor will notice is that there are no pews or chairs in most Georgian churches. That’s because, unlike typical church meetings, Christians here stand during their services. “We say that Orthodox Christians are like candles because they stand before God in churches,” Levan Vasadze, a prominent Georgian businessman, and pro-family advocate, told CBN News. “It is uncomfortable to stand for two to three hours in a row, but we choose to.”