According to reports out of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be ready to step down as Foreign Minister of Israel. This comes as he recently stated that he intended to give up some of the four additional ministerial posts he currently holds, including that of foreign minister.  These recent revelations come as a result of a recent session of the Knesset’s State Control Committee,

where Netanyahu was drilled for two hours concerning critical questions by opposition lawmakers on his foreign policy, including over the fact that he has held the Foreign Ministry portfolio since the 2015 elections. He also fills the roles of economy minister, communications minister and regional affairs minister. So the question must be asked when will Netanyahu decide to do this and who will fill his shoes when it occurs? Although he is isn’t indicating that he is stepping down as “Prime Minister” Will this decision bring in a more liberal foreign minister paving the way for someone who will more than likely allow Jerusalem to be divided in the name of “Peace and Safety”? This is one developing story that we need to be paying attention to.