Officials are concerned over city subway stations that have become a mosquito’s paradise. The subways are swarming with mosquitoes and as the Zika virus continues to spread this could have deadly consequences for people commuting. The warm, wet summer and mild winter has created a bumper crop of mosquitoes — and they’re breeding in the stagnant puddles of the steaming underground.

Excerpt From The New York Post:
“I just wanna get home, I don’t wanna die on my way,” said Shayna Andino, 18, who claims she’s been bitten “at least 20 times” inside the 47th-50th Street Rockefeller Center station. “With Zika going around, it worries me,” she added. Andino, who takes the B and D trains to work as a cashier at Duane Reade in the station’s concourse, pointed to three bites on her face and arms. “You wouldn’t think that mosquitoes would get so out of control in the subway, but it’s a horrible problem here,” she said.