A magnitude 3.0 earthquake has struck the dangerous “New Madrid Fault Zone” south of Caruthersville, Missouri. This is the 143rd earthquake to strike the fault zone so far this year and the quakes are growing stronger. A large earthquake in New Madrid Seismic Zone is overdue. But scientists cannot clearly forecast, when it will occur.

After a swarm of earthquakes end of June 2016, it is now a M3.0 – large for the area – that hit 5km SW of Caruthersville, Missouri at 12:51 AM eastern US time at a shallow depth of only 5.7 miles. This quake was preceded by a M1.3 tremor 11km NW of Luxora, Arkansas. Although their are no real reasons to panic, these earthquakes show that earthquakes in the central U.S. are not slowly tapering off, but, instead, the threat appears to be building up. FULL REPORT