How would you feel if your city welcomed and embraced a radical Islamic mosque that breeds known terrorists in your city? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in a town in Minnesota. A radical mosque known for breeding terrorists is getting the red carpet rolled out for the city of Bloomington, Minnesota. According to a new report, which allows its members to take over a public park and treat it as their own.

Excerpt From WND:
The Friends of Smith Park started a petition drive and took its case to the Bloomington City Council with a formal complaint Monday night. At issue is the Dar al-Farooq mosque, which WND has previously reported has a record of turning Somali refugees into jihadists for ISIS and other terror groups. At least half a dozen known Somali terrorists have attended Dar al-Farooq in recent years including Adnan Farah, 20, and his brother Mohamed, 22, who pleaded guilty in April to providing material support to ISIS. The mosque is headed by Waleed Idris al-Meneesey, who preaches hatred of Jews straight from the Quran and the hadiths.