Here’s a story you won’t hear about on the Main Stream Media. And it’s another example of the rising persecution and silence against those who dare to speak out against the new “Normal” of society! According to a report from Lifesite News, Macy’s department store has fired a Catholic employee because he dared questioned their transgender bathroom policy, even though he says he told his employer he would enforce the policy.

According to the report, Javier Chavez, a senior store detective at Macy’s Flushing, New York, location was informed by a Macy’s assistant store manager that certain males could use the ladies restroom, something he had not been made aware of prior to an incident that took place at the store. Then an assistant security manager told Chavez that transgender individuals could use the bathroom of their choosing.

Chavez then responded that he had just become aware of the policy and stated that it was contrary to his religion and the Bible, but said that even so, he would enforce Macy’s policy. However, It appears that the questioning of the store’s policy was “crossing the line” because Chavez was then reportedly called to a meeting with his human resources manager, who suspended him, and he was subsequently fired. Is this becoming the new normal for America now? The Land of the “Free”?