(Reported By Ricky Scaparo) ) Has John Kerry lost his mind? Senior officials in the Obama administration continue to double down in calling the President’s foreign policy a success despite all the reports of threats spewing from Iran regarding this “Nuclear Deal” For example recently Iran said it’s opportunity to destroy Israel was now better than ever.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced last week that the nuclear deal with the United States “was the cheapest way to achieve Iran’s goals and interests.” And there was the report from Saudi Arabia’s official daily Okaz that published an article titled “Ayatollah Obama – A Tehran Love Story,” slamming President Barack Obama for going against traditional U.S. foreign policy by supporting Iran and abandoning the Middle East and even accusing him of “Paving the way For Iran to go Nuclear!”

Despite all of this, Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking on Thursday ahead of a trip to Moscow to try to convince the Russians to stop taking part in the Syrian inferno, and praised the nuclear deal with Iran a year after it was signed. He then went on to say “In fact, this has made the world safer“, has lived up to its expectations and thus far produced an ability to create a peaceful nuclear program with Iran,” Kerry told reporters.