(By Jessilyn Justice) Free Chapel’s Jentezen Franklin says Republican nominee Donald Trump rededicated his life to Christ 10 years ago, according to a report.   Franklin’s comments come a few weeks after the Pentecostal preacher joined Trump’s Faith Advisory Committee.   “He did say ‘I don’t wear my religion on a sleeve and I’m not, by any means, a saint,'” Franklin told the Gainesville Times. “But (Trump said), ‘What America needs now is not a preacher in the oval office—it needs a leader.'”

Franklin is just the latest evangelical to tout Trump’s faith, joining the ranks of men like Dr. James Dobson and women like televangelist Paula White, also known as the “Trump Whisperer.”  “He doesn’t know our Christianese,” White said. “Someone might take a sound bite and say, ‘Oh, see? He’s not saved,’ or, ‘He doesn’t love God.’ That’s the furthest thing from the truth.”  CONTINUE