The British Government is concerned that the Islamic State could soon carry out deadly terror attacks in Britain using drones fitted with chemical weapons to be used in stadiums and other events with large amounts of people and gatherings. The Islamic State has already begun using off-the-shelf drones to carry makeshift bombs – sparking fears they will be used to attack Britain.

Excerpt From The Sun:
Foreign Office minister Baroness Anelay said there was growing proof that Daesh militants are converting the popular toys into weapons in their Middle East heartlands. A NATO chemical weapons expert also claimed the killer drones could be fitted with World War I mustard gas. She said: “The Government has evidence that Daesh has used small, commercially available unmanned aerial vehicles in Syria and Iraq to extend their surveillance capability, produce propaganda material and carry small improvised explosive devices.” It triggered calls for tough new controls on drones which are widely available on the High Street – such as automatic “off switches” if they approach key landmarks or sensitive sites.