The idea of the United Nations creating a global police force to fight Christians sounds like a conspiracy theory, but truth shines through evidence. United Nations trucks suddenly appeared on United States roads late last month, but the U.N. claimed the trucks were made in the U.S. to be shipped abroad. Though sites like Snopes debunked police force-related rumors, Revelation in the News’ Zach Drew points to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s speech to the U.N. last fall, asking for the trucks.

Here’s what she told the U.N.: These efforts have shown us the power of harnessing local expertise and leveraging local leadership to create targeted and effective approaches to eradicating violent extremism in any community. We have learned that open dialogue and consistent engagement with a wide range of constituents is essential to crafting strategies and forging partnerships that will address the full scope of the threats we face. FULL REPORT