Pokemon Go is spreading like wildfire across the Nation and has even reportedly invaded churches. In fact according to a recent report, People in Norwalk, Connecticut recently took part in the growing gaming phenomenon that is catching the interest of kids and adults of all ages by welcoming it with open arms at St. Paul’s on the Green, which is an Episcopalian church. According to the report, they invited players to a party where they got the chance to catch Pokemon.  One organizer even said: “If you look around here today, people are talking to each other about what Pokemon they’ve caught, they’re exchanging tips on how to play the game, so it’s actually doing a little of what church does, which is fostering community,”

Christianity Today even recently reported an article entitled “Become a Pokémon Go gamer for the sake of the Gospel, Christian pastors urged”     stating that the new game could possibly be the “biggest evangelism opportunity of the millennium”  The report indicated that Church leaders are adopting the Pokémon slogan in aid of their own evangelism. However, there is many that totally disagree and have a very polar opposite view of this new game. One example is Rick Wiles, who runs a website and Ministry called Trunews, who recently warned that “these Pokémon creatures are like virtual cyber-demons”. Rick went on to say “I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers,”

Rick Wiles gave a strong warning to the Church stating that “The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber demons… They’re spawning demons inside your church. They’re targeting your church with demonic activity. This technology will be used by the enemies of the cross to target, locate, and execute Christians.”