Iran has finally received its first shipment of missiles for its S-300 missile defense system purchased from Russia according to a report today from an Israeli affiliate.  Russia delivered the first shipment for the surface-to-air missile system back in April, Iran’s Defense Minister stated earlier this month that the rest of the S-300 system would arrive in Iran by March 2017.


Back In April, Iran showcased the S-300 air defense missile system during its annual Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army Day in Tehran. Speaking during a military ceremony celebrating the system’s arrival, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed support from the Islamic Republic against “terrorist or the Zionists” proclaiming “Iranian Army is the army of Islam, Islamic system and the whole Iranian nation. Keep this in mind with the recent threat from Iran where the Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard stated that Lebanon has 100,000 missiles ready to annihilate Israel.  We need to keep in mind here that eventually Russia will directly be involved with Persia in the future when they will attempt to destroy Israel in future “Prophetic Wars”.