(Written By Ryan Lestrange) There are occasional bumps in the road of life, but how do we know the difference between a challenging day, a difficult season or an actual spiritual attack? How do we open our spiritual eyes to see what is happening and overcome it? Have you experienced times when you felt like everything that could go wrong was going wrong? You find yourself overwhelmed and bombarded on all fronts. In the midst of multiple crisis situations your mind seems heavy, your body tired and your spirit dull. You want to pray, and you try to pray, but it seems as though your mouth is filled with chalk and the words fall on hard ground to no avail.


There are fires burning all around you, but you’re not sure which one to put out first. It seems hard to believe that so many things could be going wrong at the same time. Part of you wants to ignore what you’re facing, part of you wants to fight like a mad warrior, and part of you feels as if you are drowning in a sea of despair. All these descriptions are signs of a spiritual attack. As believers, we often live between the tension of two kingdoms: CONTINUE