The recent terrorist attack that took place in the French city of Nice resulted in President Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls giving dire warnings that France is in a permanent state of war.  This comes as the result of the Paris gun attacks in which 130 people were killed by five jihadist suicide attackers resulting in the State of Emergency that was declared after the November 13 attacks that were extended three months after 84 people were killed in Nice on Thursday night.

In that attack, a man plowed a 20-ton articulated truck into thousands of pedestrians watching the Bastille Day fireworks display in the French Riviera resort.  Some would call it a state of “Martial Law” but 120,000 police and troops are now reportedly deployed across France, raising the already record level of 115,000 security personnel on alert during the Euro 16 football championship. And now a further 12,000 police reservists are being called up. A combination of all of these things is producing a constant state of fear and anxiety in the heart of the people.

Now let’s talk about what’s happening in America. We are witnessing lawlessness, murders, and protests that are beginning to unravel the very fabric of our society. We have already seen multiple police officers murdered in cold blood and unrest in cities across America resulting in a constant unsettledness, Fear and anxiety as stated above in France. When we combine this with the recent terrorist attacks that have taken place in California and Orlando from the hands of ISIS it’s a cocktail of paranoia. How long will it be until we see the National Guard deployed in American streets? Check Points, Curfew and full blow “Martial Law”.

Recently after massive protests broke lose in Atlanta, GA the mayor discussed the possibility of deploying the National Guard and implementing a curfew. So the question is not a matter of “If but “when” will we see what is transpiring in France to be the new normal for America.