Another pathetic and sad story is coming out of California today as a gathering of firefighters in Riverside County, California desired to respect Officers that were gunned down in Baton Rouge and Dallas. So firefighter Eric Hille chose to show a professional police banner on one of the Fire trucks at Sunnymead Ranch Station 48.

The banner is high contrast with a blue stripe through the center — symbolizing the “dainty blue line.” He posted the banner on July 17 – only a couple of hours after a shooter shot officers in Baton Rouge, resulting the deaths of three. The next day the fire chief sent an email to the firefighters — informing them that the flag had to come down. The email read:  “Our foremost concern was whether the flag could create a safety risk for emergency responders due to extremists targeting the fire engine or for people following the fire engine and not being able to see the warning lights,” the chief wrote.