(Written By Tom Olago) The potential signing of a Middle East peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians – and by extension the Arab world- would be a highly significant event on God’s prophetic calendar. In this regard, it would almost seem like there is currently some invisible hand influencing the urgency and pressure towards a Middle East peace deal.

On Friday the 3rd of June, the French hosted a meeting of almost 30 foreign ministers, including Secretary of State John F. Kerry, to seek international consensus on a way to move talks forward. Ironically, the primary actors – Israel and Palestine – were not invited. This fact appears to be a glaring warning to both sides that international frustration at the lack of progress with peace talks has reached a boiling point. Some analysts fear that this could be the beginning of an imposed or ‘arm-twisted ‘peace upon the parties rather than the parties themselves coming to mutually agreeable terms. READ MORE