According to a report coming out today, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins sent a letter today to the FBI Louisiana Field Office tended to Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey S. Sallet on his recounting of the Pledge of Allegiance in which he excluded the expression “under God” from his recitation. Perkins, a former law requirement officer with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the Baton Rouge City Police, composed, to some degree, in his letter to Special Agent in Charge Sallet:

“I would concur with your announcement at the public interview yesterday that solidarity is the thing that we require and what we ought to look for as of now of emergency in our group and our country. Sharing your longing for solidarity, I needed to draw out into the open that in your recounting of the Pledge of Allegiance you discarded the central component that has verifiably bound together us—the way that we are one country under God. The exclusion may have been unintentional. However, it was perceptible and concerning, given the unfaltering assaults on religious freedom by the present organization.