An evangelist and former businessman has been identified as the buyer of Tyler Perry’s over-the-top mini Versailles mansion., a local website covering the upscale Atlanta, Georgia suburb, broke the news that David Turner was the buyer in the under-wraps deal. The website received a tip about the buyer and confirmed the news with Turner himself, who says God himself played a role in the deal.  ‘God literally told me to come here,’ Turner said. ‘I went online and I saw this house, and that’s when I felt like God told me,

“This is your house.”‘ Turner says he and Tyler Perry hashed out the deal face to face, settling on $17.5million – a whopping $7.5million less than the original asking price.  Despite the discount, the sale remains the most expensive in state history.  Turner says he has already moved into the palatial $34,668-square-foot home with his wife and two kids. They plan to use the home as their main residence. FULL REPORT