Catastrophic flooding continues to pummel the United States as now Ellicott City, Maryland has just been hammered with extreme flooding on Saturday night that resulted in sweeping cars away, damaging buildings, and prompting water rescues.  According to reports, the Howard County officials have confirmed the death of a second victim on Sunday afternoon.

Excerpt from The Weather Channel:
County Executive Allan Kittleman said the body of a man had been recovered. This comes hours after a woman’s body was found earlier Sunday. Kittleman says everyone else who was thought to be missing has been accounted for. On Sunday morning Andy Barth, spokesman for Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, told that one fatality had been confirmed in the flooding Saturday night. At least 120 residents had to be rescued amid the disaster. “It’s going to take a while to assess everything, there is a lot of damage,” Barth said.