A couple of days ago we reported on an earthquake swarm that has been occurring in Central California  that has been going on since July 17th and has produced dozens of earthquakes 11 miles south of Hollister. According to an update from this region, the Quake swarm is continuing to rattle the South Bay and hasn’t let up. Three more quakes have shaken this same region on Tuesday,

including a 4.2 trembler recorded 11 miles southeast of Hollister and 17 miles east of Salinas. Today, the USGS recorded two 3.0 earthquakes; one hit 12 miles southeast of Hollister at 5:14 am and another 2 miles southwest of San Juan Bautista and 9 miles west of Hollister at 7:08 a.m. According to the USGS No injuries or damage have been reported.