Persecution against believers has happened for thousand of years now, but a new report is indicating that violence against Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Christian minority, which is one of the largest and oldest groups of Christians in the Middle East, is intensifying at an alarming rate in the last several weeks. Of course, there has been no official response to the persecution from the White House or an of the Obama Administration.

Christians in Egypt have been the victims of at least a dozen sectarian attacks since the end of May and activists and politicians say the government has done little to stop it. One example of this is the recent attack that left 70 homes set ablaze and stripped and humiliated an elderly woman publicly as an example to other cHRISTIANS IN Egypt!     “It is escalating in a very short time,” said Mina Thabet, programme director for minorities and vulnerable groups with the Egyptian Commission of Rights and Freedoms.