It’s not really surprising that President Obama would push for “Globalization” or a Federal Police Force. After all he recently pushed for more Federal Oversight of police after the recent Dallas attack resulting the deaths of multiple officers.  And now according to WND He is at it again as they recently reported that he addressed diplomats at a reception this past Friday, following the jihadist murder of 84 people in France, and said the United Nations’ plan for sustainable development and global unity is all that’s needed to defeat the terrorists.

What comes next is even more disturbing as Obama called for “a new sustainable development set of goals to end extreme poverty and promote health and education and equality for all people, including women.” referencing the U.N.’s new “2030 Agenda,” in which the new sustainable development goals or SDGs are being promoted as the answer to all of mankind’s problems — including the eradication of poverty and saving the planet from climate change. By the way in case you was unaware, The 2030 Agenda is nothing more than an updated version of Agenda 21, which also includes for the first time the rights of migrants to move across open borders for economic opportunity. 

This really explains why John Kerry recently Assured Obama’s goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian Refugees by Sept. 30th. John Kerry noted that the 10,000 figure would be a six-fold increase in Syrian refugee admissions from FY 2015.  Kerry even recently made a statement proclaiming “Tonight, I can announce proudly that we will meet President Obama’s goal of welcoming 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States in the current fiscal year,” he said. So are we witnessing “Agenda 2030” quickly coming to fruition?