More Biblical relics have been discovered and this time, Researchers have discovered an ancient illustrated Bible in an Ethiopian monastery, revealing a root of Christianity in the West African country. Reports indicate that This find is called the “Garima Gospels”, which is named after a monk who came to Ethiopia in 494 A.D. from Constantinople. Beautifully illustrated, the pages are vivid and well intact.


ExcerptĀ From CBN News:
“Many of these old Christian relics can only be reached by hiking and climbing to remote monasteries as roads are limited in these mountainous region,” the researchers told “The Garima Gospels have been kept high and dry, which has helped preserve them all these years and they are kept in the dark, so the colors look fresh.” Scientists say the ancient text dates back some 800 years before the King James Version, making it one of the oldest copies of the Bible. The book was most likely written by a monk named Garima sometime around 350-650 A.D.