(Reported By Rosilind Jukic) We live in a very stressed-out culture that is constantly looking for ways to unwind and destress. Just about any doctor or health expert will tell you to do one thing: meditate. By meditate they mean an Eastern form of meditation: Zen meditation, transcendental meditation, yoga, Chinese or Hindu meditation, guided meditation, all of which have their origins in new age and Eastern religions.

The meditation God was talking about in Joshua 1:8 differs greatly from Eastern meditation. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that participating in any form of meditation, apart from biblical meditation, is opening the door wide to the enemy. I shared a little about this in my earlier post, Will God Protect You From Adult Coloring Books, in which we looked at the adult coloring books with Mandalas and why this is a dangerous practice for Christians. Any time we mix Christian discipline with any other religious practice, we anger God. CONTINUE