(Reported By Michael Chapman) In reaction to the atheists who gathered for the “Reason Rally” on Saturday, evangelist Franklin Graham said it was ironic they were in front of the Lincoln Memorial – a monument that extols God’s rule over this nation – and added that atheists will one day “stand before the God that they disown” and “face an eternity in Hell,” if they have not turned to Christ.

“On Saturday, atheists gathered in DC at the Lincoln Memorial to hold what they called a ‘Reason Rally,’” said Rev. Graham in a June 6 post on Facebook. “The atheists said their focus is secularism and their major political issues are climate change, reproductive rights, and LGBT equality.” “The atheists said this was definitely a political event, and they are holding it in an election year because, they ‘want to see reason taking precedence over religious-driven ideology,’” said Rev. Graham. FULL REPORT