Firefighters in Durban, South Africa, had a massive fire on their hands Tuesday evening at Durban Christian Centre. People on the nearby M3 highway watched as flames enveloped the church known as the Jesus Dome. A news anchor from eNews Channel Africa (eNCA) said the cause of the fire was unknown.

In an interview with eNCA, Robert McKenzie, KZN emergency services spokesman, called the blaze a “huge fire” and said that firefighters were doing a “sterling job.” “People from the church are on scene, and they’ve been able to give on-scene, firsthand accounts saying that everybody who was in the church is accounted for, and there is nobody missing at this stage,” McKenzie told the television station. However, a policeman was knocked over by a vehicle while directing traffic, according to Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness (CICA) South Africa. FULL REPORT