(Written By Jennifer Eivaz) It all began in a dream. I had come face to face with a spiritual enemy inside of a nightmare, which then awakened an intense season of spiritual warfare in my life that lasted for three years. That season was so intense that I almost didn’t make it through. Nevertheless, the point of breakthrough came on the heels of a “violent prayer.” One evening, while alone in our church’s prayer chapel, I experienced a sudden shift.

I was simply worshipping the Lord when the Holy Spirit abruptly rose up on the inside of me and took over. Words began to spill out of my mouth that I’ve never used before in the context of prayer. The demonic spirit that had buffeted me for three years was now being judged and sentenced for destruction (Ps. 149:6-9). I want to emphasize that this scene was about a spirit, and not a person. I could hear myself releasing the judgment, but it wasn’t me who said it. It was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. CONTINUE