An Islamic State sleeper cell has plans to carry out attacks targeting English and Russian football fans at Euro 2016 during a match in Marseilles, data retrieved from the main Paris attacks suspect’s laptop reveal, according to the Sun.
Photos retrieved from the computer found during a raid in Brussels and belonging to Salah Abdeslam, reportedly point to the French city of Marseilles, where England is scheduled to play Russia on June 11.

The information also allegedly disclosed that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) was considering using drones “possibly” armed with chemical weapons, as well as suicide bombs and AK47s to carry out mass attacks, the Sun reports citing its sources. Despite Abdeslam’s capture, authorities fear other ISIS-linked cell members could still proceed with the plan. “Most of the information was contained in Abdeslam’s personal testament setting out his wishes in the event of death,” a Belgian security source told the Sun. FULL REPORT