Residents near a newly-opened store in Illinois that caters to adults who want to live like babies are expressing concern over how the business reflects on their community and are calling for it to be shut down or relocated. The store, called Tykables, is located in a suburb of Chicago, and features adult-sized diapers, cribs, playpens, high chairs and others items for those who who have a fetish for living like a baby, or Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL).

“It is a lot of fun,” owner John Michael Williams says of his seven-foot-tall crib in a YouTube video, wearing diapers himself. “We’ll have some teddy bears and other things like that in there as the days go by. … We definitely want to fill the space with things for people to come in and play [with and] take pictures. Not everybody has access to a nursery, so one of the things we wanted to do is provide one.” READ MORE