One congregation member popped up. Then another. Then another. Each walked out, “kinda shaking their heads,” because Pastor T. L. Bates refused to compromise the Word of God. The Assemblies of God Pastor was preaching on “Fire Starters,” according to TRUNews, and addressing one of the most hot-button issues facing the Church community today: Homosexuality. “I used Elijah as the example of a ‘Fire Starter,’ and our need to raise up a new generation of ‘Fire Starters’ who would not be afraid to confront false religions (like Islam) and corrupt culture,” Bates tells Charisma News.

“Anyone (comedians, LGBT community, media) can say anything negative about Christianity and there are no repercussions for their actions or their words. But as soon as a Christian preaches or speaks against the false religion of Islam or against the agenda of the LGBT community and the transgender movement and their demands for us to make accommodations for and accept their lifestyle and agenda—then we face persecution. We are called intolerant and told that we are not being politically correct. FULL REPORT