Police in Washington, D.C. have blocked evangelist Ray Comfort and his team from giving away close to $25,000 in Subway gift cards to atheists at the upcoming Reason Rally, and even threatened arrests of those who approach rally attendees. Comfort has since said that the giftcards will be handed out to homeless people instead.

A press release from Comfort last week revealed that the atheist outreach at the June 4 Reason Rally in the National Mall will no longer be taking place, at least when it comes to the planned giveaway of gift cards and 5,000 copies of Comfort’s book, Why Pigs Will Fly Before America Has an Atheist President. The evangelist had previously said that the outreach was envisioned as a “small token of our love for atheists,” and meant to engage with non-believers during one of the biggest gathering of atheists in history. READ MORE