(Written By Daivid Ireland) People who live on the sidelines are complacent. Replacing their spiritual armor with a sporty-looking civilian outfit relaxes them. But the trendy look of these sideliners is the primary symptom of what I call “spiritual HIV,” or high indifference virus. Just as medical HIV weakens a victim’s immune system for warding off infections, the spiritual kind of HIV decreases a warrior’s instinct and ability to engage in spiritual battles. His soldier instincts have been compromised. Unbeknownst to himself, he’s gone AWOL—absent without official leave.

This infected warrior sits listlessly while his virus-stricken soul weakens from the disease. It breeds further in his soul as the unsuspecting victim adds layers of theological opinion and an assortment of Bible verses to the mix to support his faulty indifference toward spiritual warfare. The more he uses his Bible to shield himself from the war that’s raging in the heavenlies, the more the virus takes over his immune system. FULL REPORT