(Reported By Daniel Norris) There it was, written in 10-inch letters on the roadside marquee of a little country church. “Revival This Week With Evangelist Daniel Norris.” When I saw it, it made me chuckle a little on the inside. That statement always amuses me. The very idea that we can organize revival is a rather strange idea to me. If such a move of God could be orchestrated, why not call every church to special meetings this week? After all, if revival could be so easily arranged, wouldn’t every city be experiencing one at this very moment? We could win the entire nation in seven days. If only it were that easy!

Revival is something altogether different than a special series of services. In fact, revival isn’t a service at all. Sure, it may be experienced within the four walls of a church, but it could just as easily be experienced on the streets, your home or even your workplace or school. Who knows, it could break out at this very moment, in the very spot you are reading this. Why not? God is willing if you are. READ MORE