(Becky Dvorak) I remember a time I visited a church in the U.S. with a friend, and during the worship service, I saw a man in a wheelchair that was paralyzed from the waist down and the rest of his body was distorted. As the Spirit of the Lord started to move, I saw this man raise his twisted arm up to acknowledge his adoration to the Lord. Tears ran down my face, as my spirit felt grieved for this man.

My heart ached within me for two reasons. The first reason, physically he was weak, but his spirit was strong, yet it was trapped inside of a broken body, and he needed a miracle. The second reason my heart ached is that I desired to pray for the man, but he and the others that he came with were whisked out the door before the service ended. The presence of the Holy Spirit was present to heal, but no opportunity was offered. READ MORE