(F. Dean. Hackett) Our peers had told us what was true, but nothing was going to change our belief; only to discover later on what we had believed was misinformation or worse, we had believed a lie. Accurate reporting and a free press are critical to the well-being and the sustaining of liberty for an individual and for a nation. There is no greater bondage than someone living in deception; thinking themselves to be free when they are in fact slaves. Darkness has become their light. What they believe to be true is, in reality, misinformation or disinformation.

Distortion is changing the shape, the characteristic or the design of an object or a fact. Misinformation is the unintentional reporting of inaccurate facts. Disinformation is the purposeful dissemination of inaccurate information with the intent to distort the truth. The consistent reporting, teaching and publishing of a lie will ensure it becoming the new “truth”—disinformation. The mission of the church is to bring the message of truth to the world, “and [they] shall know the truth and the truth shall make [them] free” (John 8:32, KJV). READ MORE