(Steve Rees) Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and Planet Hollywood are good venues to bring signs, wonders and miracles in Jesus’ name to people on the world-famous strip—at least as fruitful as the psychic fair and Target store where Freedom and Joy Ministries regularly offers prophetic words, heals the sick and shares the gospel.

A gift shop employee within Harrah’s was healed of foot pain, delivered from accusations, and saved by the power of Jesus in June 2015 when Freedom and Joy Ministries founder Kawika Cornelius simply asked, “Do you have pain anywhere in your body?”

Near Planet Hollywood and within earshot of fire-and-brimstone preachers yelling at passersby “on their way to hell,” Freedom and Joy draws a crowd with sanitized Tupak Shakur rap tunes and subtly captivates it in the glory of God with worship from its “kaboom boom box.” READ MORE