(Lisa Bevere) I’ve encountered a few awkward moments with the Holy Spirit. Don’t get me wrong—I love His presence. But I bet you can relate. The Spirit has a way of prompting us out of our comfort zones. He transformed me from a high school girl who couldn’t make it through her speech and typing classes to a woman who speaks in front of thousands and has written multiple books. I didn’t wake up one morning fearless, ready to take on all that God had planned for me. It was a journey filled with faith challenges.

Getting from where we are to where God calls us requires uncomfortable faith and action. I can just imagine God turning to the angels and saying, “Poor Lisa. Let’s give her a break. I understand she’s too frightened to get up in front of 12 classmates. We’ll just wait and really scare her and make it thousands. She doesn’t want to type. It’s too hard for her. Okay, she might as well rest now because she’ll be typing for the rest of her life.” FULL REPORT