Pentecostals are closely involved in a sudden spiritual awakening across southern West Virginia that has produced hundreds of conversions, healings and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. Billy Carrico of Bethel Temple Assembly in Nolan says the spiritual atmosphere in his region is so ripe doors are opening naturally. “We walk into a restaurant and people are talking about God,” says Carrico, whose church is located about five miles north of Williamson.

The Williamson Field House has hosted a number of nightly meetings that have drawn upwards of 2,000 people in a county with only 27,000 residents. “People who aren’t necessarily going to church are talking about it,” says Carrico, who has baptized several recent converts at Bethel Temple. “Every church is being affected.” Among the miracles he has observed in recent weeks is a person with poor vision whose eyesight improved after prayer and a woman who had been unable to bear children who is now pregnant. READ MORE